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Lunch & Dinner
Lunch & Dinner


All breakfast served with fresh juice, toast, tea or coffee

Seared tuna with coconut, cucumber and carrot Rs. 850
Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and poached egg Rs. 1100
Crab croquettes with wasabi sauce Rs. 875
Breaded calamari with aioli Rs. 850
Baked crab gratinated with parmesan cheese & mixed salad Rs. 825
Courgette, tomato and mozzarella timbale (v) Rs. 675
Anti Pasti Combo (2 persons) Smoked salmon, crab croquette, calamari, sautéed mushroom, tomato, mozzarella & basil Rs. 1600
Baked fresh mozzarella, parmigiana, fresh herbs with a light tomato sauce (v) Rs. 700


Red pepper and tomato gazpacho (v) Rs. 475
Roasted butternut and coconut cream Rs. 500
Seafood Kaffir lime soup Rs. 550
Soup of the day Rs. 525


Fresh Tuna, arugula, avocado, boiled egg with sweet mustard dressing Rs. 850

Caesar salad with:

Smoked Salmon Rs. 975
Chicken Rs. 725
Tuna Rs. 850
Jumbo Prawns Rs. 1250
Deep fried camembert salad with apple, walnuts and lettuce (v) Rs. 850
Moroccan Chickpea salad with roasted aubergine, feta and tahini sauce Rs. 650
Marinated grilled chicken with cous cous, chick pea, grilled vegetable and tahini Rs. 850
Pan-fried fish with arugula, apple, tomato, mushroom and honey-lemon dressing Rs. 900


All our meats are imported to ensure the highest quality. Our meat is cooked freshly to order and therefore may take a little more time!

Roast lamb with hummus, braised vegetable and jus Rs. 3300
Beef tenderloin gratinated with tomato, cheese mash and vegetable Rs. 2950
Roast lamb with hummus, braised vegetable and jus Rs. 3300
Australian Sirloin steak au poivre in red wine with vegetable, fried potato Rs. 3050
Slow cooked pork in soy and aniseed with sautéed okra Rs. 1650
Grilled spring chicken with roasted beetroot, mash with mushroom sauce Rs. 1400
Bircher muesli Rs. 450


Served with fries or mixed salad Sandwiches available daily until 6pm

Club sandwich (Bacon, tomato,egg, cheese, chicken & lettuce) Rs. 750
Spicy prawn cocktail with avocado Rs. 900
Smoked salmon with cream cheese onion and capers Rs. 1050
Parma Ham with rocket and sundried tomato Rs. 1250
Herb marinade beef sandwich with mushroom and onion Rs. 1100
Marinated vegetable and feta panini (H) Rs. 600
Grilled chicken with mozzarella and tomato Rs. 750
Grilled chicken, hummus, gherkin, jelapano, lettuce and tomato Rs. 750
Vegetable with mozzarella, hummus, lettuce and tomato Rs. 575

Sea Food

Fresh Salmon with horseradish, steamed vegetable and saffron cream sauce Rs. 1950
Seasonal seafood platter with fries and mixed salad with guacamole dip Rs. 2700
Grilled Barramundi with mushroom, spinach and spicy coconut sauce Rs. 1525
Pan fried jumbo prawns cooked with warm garlic vinaigrette and salad Rs. 1250
Herb marinade beef sandwich with mushroom and onion Rs. 2100


All pastas are served with a choice of

chicken Rs. 975
Seafood Rs. 1350
Jumbo prawns Rs. 1500
Grilled vegetables & Mozzarella Rs. 800
bacon and mushroom Rs. 1050
crab with herb Rs. 1100

Select Your Sauce

spicy tomato, tomato and cream, pesto cream, parmesan cream sauce, aioli (chili basil, parsley & garlic).

Spinach & mushroom with tomato cream cheese (v) Rs. 750


Thai green curry: (served with rice and chili fish sauce)
Chicken Rs. 750
Fish Rs. 850
Prawns Rs. 975
Vegetable Rs. 575

Sri Lankan Curry (served with rice, onion sambol and pappadam)

Black Pork Curry Rs. 825
Prawn Curry Rs. 950
Fish Curry Rs. 850
Chicken Curry Rs. 975
Vegetable curry Rs. 625

Side Orders

Mixed salad Rs. 250
Mashed Potato Rs. 250
French fries Rs. 300
Sautéed mushroom Rs. 300
Potato wedges Rs. 300

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and Government taxes.
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