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International Buffet Menus
Require 25 pax min
1) Select the Menu.
2) Choose the items from the list below

Menu 01 Menu 02 Menu 03
Fruit punch Fruit punch Fruit punch
03 Salads 04 Salads 05 Salads
1 Hors d’ouvers 2 Hors d’ouvers 3 Hors d’ouvers
1 Rice 1 Rice 1 Rice
1 Pasta or Noodles 1 Pasta or Noodles 1 Pasta or Noodles
1 Chicken 1 Chicken 1 Chicken
1Beef 1Beef 1Beef/Mutton/Lamb
1 fish 1 Sea food 1 Sea food
Chutney, Pickle and Raita Chutney, Pickle and Raita Chutney, Pickle and Raita
2 Vegetarian 2 Vegetarian 2 Vegetarian
3 desserts 4 desserts 5 desserts
1 Fresh Fruits 1 Fresh Fruits 1 Fresh Fruits

Choose from Below Items as noted above :

Greek salad with feta cheese
Spicy chicken and pine apple
Sea food papaya in Singapore style
Rice bell peppers corn salad
Mixed vegetables with curried mayonnaise
Cucumber yoghurt with dill
Fresh mozzarella with basil tomato
Potato salad with gherkins and chives
Iceberg apple and feta cheese
Raw shredded mango with coriander vinaigrette
Fusili pesto with sundried tomatoes
Hors d’ouversv Vegetable galantine
Nacho’s chips with cumin flavored vegetables and kidney beans
Egg mayonnaise with paprika
Chicken terrine with cranberry sauce
Meat balls with green chili yoghurt salsa
Prawn and avocado with cocktail sauce
Smoked beef with prickle cucumber and shallots
Marinated sea food with roasted bell peppers with cocktail sauce

Rice Pasta & Noodles
Roasted garlic rice
Savory rice
Balinese rice
Vegetable pulao
Arabic Kabsa with roasted nuts
Steamed basmati rice
Yellow rice with fried onions
Chinese style rice
Penne arabiata
Macaroni au-gratin
Linguine mushrooms, bell pepper and tomato cream
Sphagetti tossed with garlic, basil and chili

Pan fried chicken with zingara sauce
Tandoori chicken
Chicken alaparmegiano
Stir fried chili chicken with cashew and spring onion
Chicken masala
Ginger honey lemon chicken
Chicken with red wine pepper sauce
Chili busted BBQ chicken
Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce
Sautéed chicken with capsicum, tomato, and onion
Chicken casserole

Beef strip with mushrooms creamy brown sauce
Beef rendang
Beef lasagna
Beef sate with peanut butter sauce
Shepherd pie
Garlic beef with packchoy
Roast beef with pepper sauce
Beer braised beef with pomodoro
Beef shashlic

Mutton kheema
Moroccan mutton thajin
Mutton khorma
Mutton Rogan josh
Mutton kofta
Roast lamb with rosemary red wine sauce
Lamb ragout with mushroom
Lamb masala

Sea food
Sautéed prawns lemon garlic
Oven baked red mullet with olives capers gherkins sauvignon blank
Sea food au-gratin
Shrimp ravioli
Grilled sword fish with spicy pomodoro
Devilled cuttle fish with rampakarapincha

Sautéed spinach and mushrooms
Buttered vegetables
Hot garlic kankung
Sesame stir fried vegetables
Baked vegetables
Channa Gobi masala
Fried brinjal ash plantain curry
Potato and green pea
Dhal fried with coriander
Tempered potato
Sweet and sour mango
Vegetable lasagna

Mango rifle
Mix berry tart
Curd and trickle
Cream caramel
Fresh fruit salad
Chocolate brownie
Fresh tropical fruits
Espresso date pudding
Passion fruit bavarois
Bread pudding with custard sauce
Frozen chocolate mousse
Strawberry mousse cake
Pine apple upside down
Strawberry mousse
Juggery pudding

ACTION COOKING ( Perpax rate)
Batter fried prawn -Rs, 350/=
Breaded Calamari -Rs.350/=
Roast leg of lamb -Rs, 400/=
Roast leg of Ham -Rs, 350/=
Duck Ravioli – Rs.350/=
Shrimp Ravioli -Rs.300/=
Batter Mushroom –Rs.200/=
Chicken shawarma – Rs.250/=
Chicken kottu – Rs.300/=
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